Work Injury

More than 70% of workplace injuries involve joints, muscles, ligaments, spinal discs and nerves of the spine or extremities. Often these injuries are misdiagnosed as a simple “soft tissue injury.” Proper diagnosis and an early treatment of workplace injuries are critical in achieving a full and complete recovery. The physicians and therapists at our center are certified through the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of work related injuries. In addition, we complete all necessary documentation and correspondence related to your work injury. Our physicians and staff understand that work injuries are already stressful enough without confusing paperwork.

Sports injuries
 Whether  at the pro level or in the backyard, cause significant pain, disability and loss of enjoyment of activities. No Matter your age, when injuries to bones, joints, muscles and ligaments occur, scar tissue develops. Scar tissue alters the normal biomechanics of the injured joint.
Early and aggressive care is the best way to combat these unwanted changes. A team approach to sports injuries is utilized at the Ohio Injury Centers that coordinates MDs, DCs, PTs and massotherapists. Each treatment plan is unique and specific to each patient’s injury and designed to promote a rapid and full recovery so you can return to the sports and activities that you enjoy.




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