Auto Accident

Every year, more than 6 million people are involved in a motor vehicle accident. An auto accident does not have to be severe to produce disabling symptoms. Many injuries occur during low speed collisions in which there is little or no visible damage to the vehicle. Today, the largest single contributor to chronic neck and back pain is motor vehicle accidents. Pain can occur in hours or immediately, weeks and even years to develop.

Most symptoms associated with a motor vehicle accident injury include
-Whiplash -Knee/Ankle Pain
-Dizziness -Blurred Vision
-Neck Pain -Severe Headaches
-Back Pain -Loss of Concentration
-Numbness or Pain in the Arms/Legs
-Shoulder/Elbow and Wrist Pain

The team of physicians at the Occupational and Injury Center at St. Vincent has more than 35 years of experience in treating patients with injuries from motor vehicle accidents. Our highly trained physicians have taken post-graduate classes through the Spine Research Institute of San Diego, which specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of motor vehicle accident related injuries. Call us for a thorough assessment of your motor vehicle accident related injuries. Most health and auto insurances are accepted. We also accept liens from the at fault parties’ insurance company if no health or auto insurance is available to ensure timely care. Delay in necessary treatment is the difference between a full and complete recovery for a lifetime of pain.



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