The P-STIM is a miniaturized device designed to administer auriculo point stimulation treatment over several days. The advantage of using the ear for such treatment is that it offers numerous points for stimulation within a small area. Stimulation is performed by electrical pulses emitted through selectively positioned needles.

Point stimulation by the P-STIM is mainly used to treat pain. Use of the device is recommended for pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative pain therapy as well as for the treatment of chronic pain. At the same time there would appear to be possibilities of using this concept in the future in the treatment of addiction and allergy and in special fields of anaesthesia.

he doctor uses the pointer to locate the first of the three stimulation points. When the pointer locates one of the points, the electrical resistance changes, causing the illuminated ring to light up and an acoustic alarm to sound. The doctor marks this point with a positioning plaster previously picked up with the pointer. Then he repeats the procedure until all three points are located and marked. Only now does the doctor pick up the needles and place them in position with the positioner.

The P-STIM is activated by removing the self-adhesive foils from the batteries and snapping the cap onto the device. The device itself is fixed underneath the ear with the integrated self-adhesive electrode. The wires from the device are connected to the needles simply by snapping conductive plastic rings over the needle heads. This is the beginning of the treatment.


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